Django for Designers/Morning of

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This is a list of things to do the morning of the tutorial:

  • Asheesh should test that there is a reasonable story for everyone getting on the same wifi network.
  • Find out Karen's IP address and make sure if we bind a Django to on her laptop, it shows up at the address listed on the wiki. is consistently used as the placeholder on the wiki for her IP.
  • Make sure she is running the address-shower code and that the link provided on the wiki works.
  • Make sure all mentions of TODO are gone from the wiki.
  • Make sure Heroku's status page suggests that things are likely to be fine, to the extent it can.
  • Karen should make a text file to project with contact info, and then project it.
  • Asheesh will go at 9:30 (failing that, at the break) to UPS Store with a bunch of PDFs and say to print them.
  • Asheesh will get the section timings and hurry/unhurry Karen along in terms of time.