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Part 5: Style time

Time: whatever's left after 12:20 minus 25 minutes, or maybe minus 10

So that we're all on the same page, even if you didn't get all the way through the previous part, you should do these steps right now:

# in django-for-designers/myproject
$ git branch my-branch-5 origin/pre-part-5
$ git checkout my-branch-5

Take some time to hack on your bookmarks app to make it more awesome. Whether that means changing the HTML to add your name in the footer, or customizing the CSS to look the way you want, or adding new JS features, or even (if you're daring) implementing new Django features (say, public vs. private bookmarks?)! Or just taking a quick nap. It's up to you!

At the end of this time, we'll learn how to show our (now unique!) Django apps to each other and the world.

Make sure to commit your changes! You will probably want to do many small commits, to track your progress and make it easy to revert and try again without losing too much progress.

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