FOSS Burnout

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Maintain an open source project and suffering from burnout? This page lists some resources for you.


#fossburnout on freenode which can be joined via the web client.

Words of Advice

Be forthright and honest

  • If you do not have the time or interest to maintain your project, update your README and CONTRIBUTING files to make that clear
  • It's okay to reply to issues and pull requests to note that you have no intention to review them anytime soon
  • If you are not interested in implementing a nice-to-have feature but you would merge pull requests for well-formed solutions, say so

Ask for help

  • If you need community help maintaining your project, update your README, CONTRIBUTING file, and website to note this in big bold letters
  • Good places to note your lacking maintenance status: mailing list, IRC channel, blog, Twitter

Stay polite

  • Clarify your personal incentives and motivations to your users, but try to remain courteous
  • If you need to, start from canned messages when responding to entitled users so you are not tempted to say something rude