GSoC/2011/Student Application Template

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==Contact Information ==

Name: Nizamuddin Chowdhury

Email Address:

Freenode IRC Nick:

Link to OpenHatch profile (if you have one):

University/current enrollment:Nassau Community COllege

== Why do you want to work with our project? ==

== Do you have any past involvement with OpenHatch or another open source project ==

("No" is okay, but remember: filing bugs against project counts, as does email the mailing list. And so on!)

== Why should we choose you over other applicants? ==

(Hint: We're looking for friendly people, and who are willing to chat about their work frequently. You don't have to be an expert programmer, but we really want people committed to communicating.)

== Proposal Description ==

Please describe your proposal in detail. Include:

  • An overview of your proposal
  • The need you believe it fulfills
  • Any relevant experience you have
  • How you intend to implement your proposal
  • A rough timeline for your progress
  • Any other details you feel we should consider

== Have you communicated with a potential mentor? If so, who? ==