GSoC 2014/task-browser-info

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The previous version of this app lives here. The repository is here with issues here. We stopped using this because:

  • The code is somewhat confusing, making it difficult to understand how to change it. ([ This etherpad contains some clarifying questions and answers about the repository, but honestly may not make much sense on its own.)
  • Having easy edit-ability was key, hence moving to a wiki (see below).

Key features we were missing included:

    • The ability to associate bugs with a project and include significant info about the project.
    • The ability for mentors and attendees to very easily update info on each bug.
    • Filtering by multiple things was broken.

We currently use this wiki page. Key features it is missing include:

  • The ability to hide projects from a particular event.
  • The ability to easily filter projects (instead you just have to read through).



Each bug will be associated with a project. The project itself will have some info associated with it (see the bottom of this page for a portion of that info - links to help info, etc). Ideally this info only has to be entered once, and when entering a bug for a pre-existing project you can just associate it with a project.

When entering bugs, there should be a number of fields, including: link to the bug, status of the bug, when the status was last verified (default to when the bug is entered), skills associated with fixing the bug, mentor at the event you can ask for help with the bug.

Entering the bugs should be a process that does not require significant work or special permissions for the person entering the info.

We will want the ability to edit and remove bugs.


People in the workshop should be able to search or filter through the bugs to find ones matching their skills and interests. They should be able to search/filter along multiple axes (for instance, looking for education projects coded in Python).

Ideally people using the browser would be able to add notes to it, though perhaps not edit the main info. It would be neat if there was a field where they could indicate that they were working on it. Perhaps if they removed their name from working on it, they could be prompted as to why they were ceasing work and that information could be stored, either on the bug or hidden for mentors to view.