Getting started with Python

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Picking a Python tutorial[edit]

Goal #1: Install Python[edit]

This section has instructions for installing Python and running Python from a command prompt.

Goal #2: prepare a text editor[edit]

In addition to being able to run Python, we want to have good text editor for writing Python code. If you have a preferred text editor for writing code, feel free to skip this step!

Goal #3: practice starting and exiting Python[edit]

Most tutorials will have you do a lot of learning and practicing at a Python prompt (this is "interactive" because you are typing the code and hitting enter to run it yourself, instead of running it from a file). So let's practice starting and exiting Python:

Goal #4: start learning Python![edit]

It's time to start learning, reading, and writing some Python! This material will position you well for working through a full-fledged tutorial.

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