Github Demo Steps

From OpenHatch wiki
  1. do you have a account? make one! =D (it's great for showcasing your involvement in projects!)
  2. find judytuna/the-new-field on github
  3. press "fork"
  4. after it's done, verify that you're on your OWN copy of the repo
  5. find the "clone url" and click on the https link to get the one that starts with (instead of the default, which starts with it's on the right side of the page. copy the clone url (you can click on the little pasteboard)
  6. go into your terminal and type
    git clone [paste the clone url here!!!]
    (this command pulls down a copy of the code on your own copy of the repo).
  7. cd into the new directory that you just made. at this point, you can look at .git/config to see that your "origin" is set up to be your own repo
  8. open up index.html in your text editor and add some stuff. save!
  9. in your terminal, type
    git status
    and see that you have unstaged changes
  10. stage them. you could type
    git add .
    (note the dot!) to add everything. OR, and judy likes this a lot, you can type
    git add -p
    to step through all your changes and verify that you want them.
    [If you use 'git add -p', you will be asked "Stage this hunk [y,n,q,a,d,/,e,?]?" -- here you can type 'y' for "yes, stage this hunk of code" or 'n' for "no, do not stage this hunk of code. If you're curious, you can read about all the offered options here:]
  11. now type
    git status
    and see that your changes are now staged, but they are still uncommitted.
  12. to make the commit, type:
    git commit -m 'some commit message here'
  13. now type
    git status
    and see that you have no uncommitted changes. This means your changes are "checked in to git" on your own local machine, BUT your account on github has no idea about the changes yet.
  14. type
    git push origin master
  15. look on your own github project page for your change
  16. find "submit a pull request"
  17. start dancing in the aisle. do not stop until you see your pull request show up on judy's project page for "pull requests"