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Welcome to Challenge 11 of the Github and Website Workshop - partner up!

Find a partner

It's okay if you don't know them - you're all pretty cool (you're at the workshop, after all).

This partner is going to be helping you implement div.table-row and div.table-cell


Go through the follow steps with one person as “you” and the other as “partner”

When you’re finished, switch positions and repeat these steps (if you would like to)


  • Go to your repository page on GitHub, click “Settings” (on the right-hand side) and select the “Collaborators” tab
  • Search and add your partner’s GitHub username


  • In the terminal, run git clone [your partner’s repo] to get a copy of their website code
  • Challenge: style div.table-row and div.table-cell
    • Hint: look at the W3 School’s documentation for the display property
  • Commit and push the changes when you’re ready


  • When someone else changes files in a repository, you can update the files on your computer using a command that works somewhat opposite to git push
  • Enter this command: git pull in the terminal to get your partner’s changes


  • Challenge: add padding between table-cells (give your partner an undesired value)
  • Commit and push the changes when you’re ready


  • Challenge: add padding between table-cells (use a desired value)
  • Commit and push the changes when you’re ready

Bam, you will notice that there’s a merge conflict!

If you refresh portfolio.html, you will notice something along the lines of:

<<<<<<< HEAD
[your change] 
[partner’s change]
>>>>>>> master

To resolve the conflict erase “<<<<<<< HEAD”, “=======”, and “>>>>>>> master” and keep erase [partner’s change]

Try pushing again - conflict solved.

Feel free to continue to contribute to each other's websites (using push and pull)!

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