Harvard Open Source 2010

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Brainstorming for the event

  • Maxwell Dworkin, Science Center?
  • Rehearsal, or force teachers to have a lesson plan
  • Teachers?:
  • Module Topics?:
    • MUST KNOW:
      • Bug reporting and tracking
      • Version control for developers AND non-developers – understanding the process, unreleased software
      • Teach them about open source software that they can use, not just about things they can work on *** if people want to install an open OS, give a tutorial (for CLI and GUI)
      • Online resources – teach people how to answer their questions and find help

editing wikis

    • Cool stuff:
      • more about history, political stuff
      • download and install the latest unreleased version of something
      • what the hell is standard-in and standard-out?
  • Constraints from last time:
    • not able to build on what people have done previously – different method of changing groups
    • liked having different teachers all day
  • breaking one hour modules into teaching section and then exercise section
  • get people to know each other – altogether interaction at beginning, middle and end of day
  • Choose your own adventure model:
    • multiple modules going on at once, with tracts that people can follow → starts to get more into a conference model
  • Scheduling: a week or two before Thanksgiving
  • instead of going out to lunch, which was super expensive, get good catering
  • Felice: ask around about good rooms and look into reserving them – 1 big room and a bunch of small rooms, if possible
  • How to deal with the second day:
    • structured time! Get people to get into groups or commit to working together on something specific the next day
  • Size of event:
    • room for 40, realistically 60-80
    • 8-16 teachers