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This is a page about improving or modifying OpenHatch.

We call that "Hacking OpenHatch," and there is a whole category of pages about that.

What is[edit]

It's a website information and data on how the main OpenHatch site works.

Go visit and see.

(If you're still confused, come to IRC and ask us questions.)

How do I view the entire source of[edit]

The inside website is really just a few static pages. We keep them in a git repository.

You can find the git repository in Gitorious:

How do I submit contributions?[edit]

If you want to change the project, do this:

  • Clone the git repository for
  • Create some changes on your own computer
  • Create files using "git format-patch origin/master"
  • File a bug, and attach those patch files.

How are the git repository and the website linked?[edit]

Every five minutes, the account wakes up and checks for new data on Gitorious. If there is something new, it does a "git pull" and updates itself.