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This is a minutes page from one of our OpenHatch meetings.

You can find a list of all our meetings here.

Meeting objective[edit]

Review our progress this week and see if we're on track to meet the 0.10.11 milestone. Get feedback from each other on our work this week. Adjust the milestone as necessary.

Scheduled for Sat Nov. 20, 4 PM US/Eastern. Convert to your time zone.


5 min: Topic 0: Everyone says hi to one another[edit]

10 min: Discuss bugs that were closed or worked-on this week, and say where we could use help.[edit]

20 min: Discuss various bugs that we could add to the milestone, and add to the milestone if agreed.[edit]

10 min: Discuss the "Adding a field to the profile" tutorial, and decide if we should finish writing it.[edit]

5 min: Say what we each will work on this week[edit]


To be added post-meeting.