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This is a minutes page from one of our OpenHatch meetings.

You can find a list of all our meetings here.

#openhatch Meeting

Meeting started by pythonian4000 at 20:14:38 UTC. The full logs are available at .

Meeting summary

  • Say hi! (pythonian4000, 20:15:47)
    • Hi all! (pythonian4000, 20:15:55)
  • What people have been up to, and what they would like help with (pythonian4000, 20:22:48)
    • I've done pretty much nothing this week due to being at a course. (pythonian4000, 20:23:25)
    • I've upgraded my computer's MB, RAM and got some things setup, but haven't done any coding / issues this week either. (palhmbs, 20:24:25)
    • I do hope to get through this dull patch and finish off the bash mission and git mission fixes this coming week. (palhmbs, 20:25:08)
    • it's finals week! *death* (aldeka, 20:25:12)

Meeting ended at 21:00:19 UTC.

Action items

  • (none)

People present (lines said)

  • pythonian4000 (29)
  • palhmbs (19)
  • Ti-Tw (8)
  • sufjan` (5)
  • aldeka (3)
  • Viv (3)
  • jesstess (0)
  • paulproteus (0)

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