Montreal Python Workshop/Next steps

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There is no "right way" to learn Python. If something is working for you, do that, and don't listen to anyone who tells you should learn differently.

Here are a few things we recommend! If anything has helped you out, please edit this page!


Projects to work on

5 Life Jackets to Throw to the New Coder

  • Lynn Root gave a fantastic talk at PyCon (30 minutes) about how she learned Python through project-based learning and a website she made to help other people do the same thing.
  • She wrote these 5 tutorials that you can work on:

Boston Python Workshops (ColorWall, etc.)

The Saturday afternoon projects from the workshop are a great thing to work on!

Anything you're interested in!

If you have something specific to do with Python, come to a project night and talk to us about it! We can try to point you in the right direction.


Python tutor is a really useful website where you can paste in some code and step through it as it runs. It's a good way to understand what the program is doing at each step in the code.

Paste in some code that you'd like to understand and click 'Visualize Execution'.

In Real Life

  • We are starting PyLadies meetups for people who want to keep meeting up and learning Python. We'll email you about the first one if you came to a workshop.
  • Montréal Python has project nights the 4th week of each month. We will have projects for people to work on, and people to help out.
  • On the second Monday of each month, Montréal Python has conferences. Usually the talks are quite technical, but people are really friendly and you can just come to the bar afterwards to hang out if you want to find out what Python programmers are like.

to find out about these things as they're announced, sign up to the mailing list.

You can also watch the Montréal Python website, the Facebook page, or follow @mtlpy on Twitter.