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The interface for subscribing to OpenHatch's many mailing lists can be found here.

Below is a list of our lists, which will perhaps help you decide which ones you want to subscribe to.

To sort still

  • Barnraising [no description available]
  • Greenhouse Discussion of mentee tracker tool
  • Monitoring [no description available]
  • Monitoring-private This is where the live site sends error emails
  • OpenAdvice Discussions about the Open Advice book project
  • OpenAdvice-announce Announcements about the Open Advice book project
  • Pedagogy [no description available]
  • pydata-outreach-staff [no description available]
  • WFS-India Women in Free Software & Culture in India
  • WMF-outreach-staff

Lists You May Want to Subscribe To

  • discuss Discussion around OpenHatch
  • announce Announcements for users of OpenHatch
  • Peers Discussion of how peers can improve FLOSS and the social system around it
  • Publicity Publicity for OpenHatchy events, projects, and the site itself
  • OSCTC-planning Planning for Open Source Comes to Campus
  • Devel OpenHatch development
  • Events [no description available]
  • Campus-announce OpenHatchy for College/University people

Other Lists

Closed Lists

  • Alumni: Restricted to past OSCTC attendees
  • Board: Restricted to the OpenHatch Board
  • Fundraising-2014: Restricted to participants in our Nov/Dec 2013 fundraising efforts

Event-specific lists

Open Source Comes to Campus lists

These lists are almost entirely closed and inactive.

  • Campus-amherst-staff: UMass Amherst event list
  • Campus-berkeley-staff: UC Berkeley event list
  • Campus-boston-summer-staff: NEU event list
  • Campus-chicago-staff: UIC event list
  • Campus-columbia-staff: Columbia event list
  • campus-harvard-staff: Harvard event list
  • campus-IUB-staff: IUB event list
  • campus-JHU-staff: JHU event list
  • Campus-morris-staff: UMN-Morris event list
  • Campus-osu-staff: OSU event list
  • Campus-portland-staff: PDX event list
  • Campus-princeton-staff: Princeton event list
  • Campus-purdue-staff: Purdue event list
  • campus-RPI-staff: RPI event list
  • Campus-rutgers-staff: Rutgers event list
  • campus-UIUC-staff: UIUC event list
  • Campus-wellesley-staff: Wellesley event list
  • ccsf-campus-staff: CCSF event list
  • Penn: UPenn event list
Other event lists
  • Cpw-staff: Chicago python workshop staff
  • Bpw-staff: Boston Python Workshop staff list
  • mpw-staff: Midwest Python Workshop staff list
  • npw-staff: NYC Python Workshop staff list
  • Pdxpw-staff: PDX Python workshop staff list
  • phlpw-staff: Philly Python workshop staff list