Open Source Comes to Campus/CCSF/Plan

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Contact phase

  • Get local contacts' names (insist on two)
  • Get commitment from them

Logistics phase

(Begins 4 weeks pre-workshop)

  • Identify funding possibilities
  • Identify core staff
    • Asheesh TODO
  • Nail down date
    • Location: Only available until 3pm for now; that is bad news; Katherine is asking about that
  • Send a save-the-date email to CS department students
    • Done by Katherine... the spreadsheet where data goes is shared with Shauna and Asheesh
  • Commit to contacts that we want to do the workshop
  • Other Asheesh todo
    • Tell her installation should be fine
    • Tell her Android peeps are mega invited and we should try to tailor to them

Pre-event phase

(Begins 3 weeks pre-workshop)

  • Recruit more staff
  • Recruit career panelists
  • Make website with signup survey
    • Asheesh TODO by 5/23
  • (2.5 weeks before) Prepare list of hand-picked bugs for projects time
  • (2.5 weeks before) Do diversity-oriented publicity
    • Mills College computer science
    • Berkeley WiCS
    • SFSU WiCS -- does it exist?
  • (2 weeks before) Do general publicity
    • SFSU ACM
  • Choose attendees
  • Confirm with attendees
  • (9 days before) Review staff list and make sure it is large enough and

otherwise appropriate for attendees

  • (5 days before) Review hand-picked bug list and make sure it is large

enough and otherwise appropriate for attendees

Event phase

(3ish days before)

  • Visit space pre-event
  • Order food
  • Ensure event is photographed

Post-event phase

  • Blog post on
  • Expense report
  • Send post-event survey to attendees
  • Send thank-you notes to campus orgs that helped

Notes from call

  • Staff ratio
    • we like to do 6:1
  • Reminder email
    • Make sure students are on a wifi list
      • Staffers should be on a wifi list, which we should send to IT by Thursday
    • Thursday... 7-9:30 vs. 7... for laptop setup
    • AL to find previous emails for this
    • AL can send laptop setup
      • AL can add tar mission to the laptop setup
        • Done
  • AL will look up food options, e.g. Melody Cafe on Grub Hub
  • AL will look into projection sanity -- everyone should be VGA
  • Power strips and extension cords
    • There are 28 plugs in the room; would use up about half the room with 50 people or so
    • So we want about 6-10 of them
    • Room has a kitchen! and a fridge!
  • Parking passes
    • Who is driving?
  • If presenters want to make screen casts, we should make sure they feel happy doing that
    • AL See if VLC can do this for Linux users
  • AL Add Katherine and CCSF Coders to the bottom of the "Who we are" section of website; link to TechSF as a sponsor, too
    • Done
  • Find out for previous workshop: 10
    • AL specify a schedule
      • Waiting on confirmation of room time frame


Here is the order info