Open Source Comes to Campus/Fall 2013 logistics

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Places to stay:

  • Thu 9/19
  • Fri 9/20 evening (Bloomington)
    • Lodging happy
    • Asheesh has shuttle to Bloomington, details on his calendar and Tripit and paper
  • Sat 9/21 evening (Indianapolis)
    • Lodging happy; we have a hotel reservation that we can cancel, near IND airport
    • Travel: We have a ticket for Star of America shuttle, departing IU Memorial Union at 8:30pm, arriving IND airport at 10pm
  • Sun 9/22 evening (Purdue/Lafayette, or Indianapolis, or Chicago)
    • Travel: We have a ticket for Lafayette Limo, departing IND airport 8:30am, arriving Purdue Memorial Union 10am
    • Lodging happy; we have a hotel reservation
  • Mon 9/23 - Fri 9/27 morning: Chicago
    • Travel: 3:45pm bus, from Lafayette to Chicago
    • Lodging handled
  • Fri 9/27 evening - Sun 9/29 morning: Morris
    • Travel: 9:xx something departure, Spirit airlines, from ORD to MSP
    • 3:15pm shuttle departure from MSP
    • UMN Morris arrival 7:10pm
    • Nice person will take us to hotel.
    • Lodging covered by UMN Morris
  • Sun 9/29 evening - Sun 10/6 morning: Twin Cities
    • Travel: Shuttle on Sunday to MSP, departing Morris at 10:50am, arriving MSP at 2:xx PM, and we'd take public transit from there into actual Minneapolis
    • Lodging needed; Gregg has offered to help this succeed

General travel:

  • says nearest airport is IND [1]
  • says nearest airport is Purdue University Airport, but also [4] covers ground transport
    • [5] is a 1.5h $27 shuttle from IND airport to Purdue campus
  • [6] is a $70, 2h20min one-way from Purdue to Chicago MDW (maybe we can do better)
  • UMN morris: [Can get from Chicago to Minnesota by a few ways for $25-100 per head one-way.
    • Then take a shuttle to Morris. [7]
    • Shuttle worst-case $70/head [8] 4h ride
  • Back to Minneapolis, $70/head
  • Fly back to BOS/SFO from MSP
    • These flights are fairly unconstrained

Ground travel:

  • Renting a car is at least $31/day which is ~$850, so that's the price to beat.
  • Sum of the above is ~$319/head, 2x of which is $638. The more expensive legs might be best done with a car, but then again maybe not if I can laptop in the shuttle (-: