Open Source Comes to Campus/Open Science

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OpenHatch is partnering with Mozilla Science Lab to create "Open Science Comes to Campus" - events aimed at introducing students, faculty, and beyond to the vibrant world of open science. We're in the process of developing the curriculum.

There are three basic steps to developing curriculum activities: brainstorming, developing, and polishing.


In the brainstorming phase, we suggest topics to cover. We decide whether or not they're a good fit by asking the community for their opinions, and also look to see if similar curriculum materials already exist.

Here are some places where we've been discussing Open Science Comes to Campus:

You can also talk about the project on IRC. Find as at #openhatch on Freenode and #sciencelab on Mozilla.

And here are some good sources of open science curriula/activities to look into:

Please feel free to make suggestions, grap an activity and start developing it, etc. Anyone can contribute! If you're not sure where to start, please reach out.

List of potential topics/activities


  • Intro to Open Science (in development - see below)
  • Open Science Communication (in development - see below)

afternoon modules:

  • "Making Your Research Project Open Source"
  • "Contributing to Open Source Scientific Software" (in development - see below)
  • "Promoting Open Access In Your University"
  • "Understanding the Open Data Landscape"
  • "Participating in an Open Research Project"
  • "Doing Science Outreach" (STEM on wikipedia, Wiki Project Med, School of Open Science, etc.)
  • "Open Science Community Building" (with a focus on following up on this event at the school)


Once someone has decided to run with a topic, it's time to develop it. You can use whatever format you'd like to do so, but we recommend using this wiki. You can copy this template page to a new page and add information about the activity as you develop it. Please create a page at Open_Source_Comes_to_Campus/Open_Science/Development/$ActivityName

List of topics/activities in development


The third step of the process is preparing the activity to be delivered at an event. This may involve the following steps:

  • Creating a presentation
  • Creating an attendee-facing wiki page
  • Writing up instructions to mentors
  • Writing up preparation guides as needed

Our presentations are made with reveal.js and kept in a github repository. (Note: this has not been set up yet.) If you need help using these tools, please ask!