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  • Goal of event
  • Hoping to help you organize follow-up events, though we're new to that part of things
  • Attendance goals


  • OpenHatch contact info:
    • Shauna:
    • Asheesh:
  • Student organizer info:
    • 1:
    • 2:


  • Schedule
    • Date picked:
    • Detailed schedule:
  • Location
    • Features: wireless access, equipment for projecting, space for 40+ people (ideally two rooms at least one of which can hold all the attendees at once), food + drink allowed, power outlets, easy to access both for university affiliates and non affiliates
    • Chosen location:
  • Funding
    • Food
    • Honorarium


  • Make shared spreadsheet of contacts
  • Save the date as soon as day picked
  • Main publicity push:
    • Make website + sign up survey
    • Physical flyers put around campus
  • Reminder emails 2-3 days before event

Timeline expectations[edit]

Ideal timeline in (), fill out with dates customized for each campus

  • Select date + save the date sent out (5 weeks before):
  • Location selected (4 weeks before):
  • Website + signups up for review (3.5 weeks before):
  • Main publicity push done (3 weeks before):