Open Source Comes to Campus/UIUC/Staff

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  • Sat: 1:30 PM, Shauna talks about "How to participate in open source projects" and pitches the workshop

Optional tutorials

  • Sun: 10 10 AM: Introduction to the command line, and how to use IRC (followed by hands-on command line exercises)
  • Sun 11 AM: Git, a tutorial of the basics, and the underlying concepts explained (followed by hands-on exercises)

Noon: Lunch

  • Sun 1-1:20 PM: (Optional event) Demo by an instructor of the process he/she uses to review and accept a patch/pull request to a project
  • Sun 1 - 6 PM: First Patch Workshop (the "project time" of past Open Source Comes to Campus events)

Planning for UIUC Open Source Comes to Campus


  • Travel
    • From Baltimore (Asheesh)
      • Notes: can't leave for UIUC until 5pm Sat
    • From Boston (Shauna)
      • 10/5 - 10/7 (Fri through Sunday)
        • Arriving @ CMI: lowest flight $370 RT
          • Connects through Chicago, ~ 5 miles from campus (presumably a school shuttle/way to be picked up)
        • Arriving @ Chicago O'Hare: lowest flight $260
          • 3 hrs by car from Chicago to UIUC (see grand transport below)
        • Other not as good options (more expensive *and* further than CMI):
          • Indianapolis airport: lowest flight $400
          • St Louis airport: lowest flight $400
          • Bloomington: lowest flight $350 (cheaper than CMI, but more expensive and slightly further away than O'Hare)
    • Ground Transport
      • From Chicago [1]:
        • Megabus - $29 per person each way, doesn't go directly to O'Hare, leaves twice a day
        • Amtrak - between $14-$38, depending on time of day - may be cheapest option but it's 1 hr on CTA (metro) from O'Hare to Amtrak station
        • Greyhound - as low as $13-15 each person each way, but again over an hour on MTA (special routes that go to O'Hare start at $26 and run twice a day)
        • Illini Shuttle [2] - $30 per person each way, leaves 5 times a day, seems like best option
    • Thoughts:
      • O'Hare is about $100 cheaper but only $40 if you count taking the shuttle ($30 x 2)
      • flights are about $50 cheaper (~ $230) going Thurs through Monday (instead of Fri through Sat) which SGM is likely happy to do
  • Food for Sunday


  • Mozilla might join in?

Relevant people and orgs

  • NCSA is right there. Maybe they'd send people and people could hack on... NCSA Mosaic? Probably they have some modern projects, too.
  • crschmidt used to go there [3]
  • Shauna might help organize
  • zack at Debian might be giving a talk
  • There seem to be some people on Github in the area: [4]
  • lkuper, alexr at