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SSH stands for "secure shell". It allows you to securely access a shell (like the command line window you used earlier) on a remote machine. Luckily for us, OS X comes with an SSH client installed.

SSH instructions[edit]

  1. Start a command prompt. You can review how to do this in the command line navigation section.
  2. To create a secure shell on a remote machine, you run the command ssh <username>@<hostname>. You'll be prompted for the password for username on the remote host. After entering the password, a command prompt will be displayed, and voila -- you are logged in to a remote machine!
  3. We have set up access to a Linux machine for you to play with. Here are the credentials for that machine:
    username: anyterp
    password: terpterp
    Using that account information, and using the command template "ssh <username>@<hostname>", try using ssh to log into as username anyterp.
  4. This remote machine is running Linux, which uses the same commands as OS X for navigating the filesystem. Play around with those commands on

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