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Financial Aid by conferences[edit]

The following conferences offer financial aid for participants to attend.

PyCon US[edit]

Large conference in North America centered around the Python language.


JavaScript conference in winter in San Francisco.

  • Link: ForwardJS
  • Financial aid application: Link (will be different for future years)

Strange Loop[edit]

Multi-track conference with particular attention to programming languages and distributed systems.


Clojure conference on the West Coast in the Spring

  • Link & Grant information [1]


Series of conferences focused on increasing women's participation in open source.

  • Link: AdaCamp
  • Financial Aid: It can be applied for via the application page for each AdaCamp.

Grace Hopper Conference[edit]

The largest gathering of women technologists.

  • Link: Website
  • Financial aid page: Link
  • Note: Travel grants are available only for faculty and students.


PyCon Australia[edit]

Grad Cohort Workshop[edit]

  • Link: Grad Cohort Workshop
  • Note: The participants for the workshop will be chosen on some pre-determined basis.
  • Eligibility criteria: Women students in their first, second or third year of graduate school in computer science and engineering or a closely related field, who are studying at a US or Canadian institution.

Data Mining Workshop[edit]


Financial Aid for conference attendance by organizations[edit]

The following organizations offer aid to participants for attending conferences.

Wikimedia Foundation[edit]


  • Link: Google Travel and Conference Grants
  • Note: This is reserved for only some specific conferences. For conferences in North America, you are required to be an American citizen.