Project codes of conduct

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Several free software/open source projects have "codes of conduct" (CoC) or similar guidelines for how to act responsibly and respectfully. This page serves as an index of codes of conducts and similar documents across as many FLOSS projects as possible.

Maintaining an index of CoC makes it easier to compare them, and possibly choose or adapt one for your project (license permitting).

Why these are useful

As a new contributor, you might prefer FLOSS communities where contributors pay attention to these sorts of social questions. Having a code of conduct is often an indicator that a project has a sizeable number of contributors and interested in growing.

As a project maintainer, you might want to look these over as inspiration for your project. For more advice, see [ɘ̃ "HOWTO design a code of conduct for your community"] by the Ada Initiative.

Feel free to add links to unlisted CoC. Please preserve alphabetical order on project name.

Community Code of Conducts (CoCs)

For another list, see "Code of conduct" on the Geek Feminism Wiki.

Diversity statements

For another list, see "Diversity statement" on the Geek Feminism Wiki.

Diversity statements are not quite CoC, but are still related to community formation. Several FLOSS projects have published diversity statements:

Conference Codes of Conduct

This list is about free and open source projects, not in-person events. A good index for events is the Geek Feminism wiki, including its event guidelines and their list of conferences that have adopted policies.

Please add your entry there, if missing.