PyCon sprint 2014

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OpenHatch is an open source web app for helping people get involved in open source projects. We do that through web-based interactive tutorials called "training missions;" a browsing tool for bitesize bugs in open source projects called the "volunteer opportunity finder"; and an online mentor/mentee matching tool.

OpenHatch is written in Django and we welcome people of any level to contribute! We also need CSS and Javascript help.

Goal of the OpenHatch project

OpenHatch’s goal is to make the free software/open source community more welcoming to newcomers. To do this, we provide curricula and logistical support for running “Intro to Open Source” workshops, a website with open source tools, “training missions” and a volunteer opportunity finder, and several other projects in progress.

Goals for this sprint

Available at

Project setup

How to find the community

We're in rooms 518A on the 5th level of the Convention Center.

We'll also be using the #openhatch IRC channel. See for info about that.

We'll also be using the email list. Consider joining.

We'll also be using . To use that site, you need to have an account. (You can make one easily.)

We'll also be using GitHub for some things -- feel free to make an account there.