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Tasks we're working on during the PyCon 2013 sprints.

Feel free to add more detail if you're working on a topic.

Scraper for importing bugs

  • What we need:
  • Who's working on it: Ian

Improving training missions

  • What we need:
    • Adam is examining if Oppia would be a good basis for training missions
    • Sean is doing something on Oppia
  • Who's working on it: Adam G., Sean L


  • What we need: A dashboard display of metrics about training mission usage/falloff.
  • Who's working on it: Bob (@boblannon)

UX for /Customs/

  • This is the interface for maintainers of OS projects who want their bite sized bugs to appear automatically on the openhatch bug-tracker.
  • Who's working on it: Flora

Migrate from django_authopenid to django-socialauth

  • Issue 699: There is an issue with redirects after a user logs in or logs out using Social Auth. Django-socialauth is actively maintained, so we will switch to this instead of django_authopenid which is unmaintained.
  • Who's working on it: Trevor S.

Cleaning the wiki

  • Who's working on it: Marta (mmcasetti)

Completing the How to contribute guide

  • Who's working on it: Marta and Asheesh