Python Workshops for Beginners/Saturday November 15th projects

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In the afternoon sessions, there will once again be three options:

  • Option 1: More advanced data munging and visualization using Python and Google Docs — This talk will continue directly from lecture and we will use the same dataset of the metadata from all the Wikipedia articles about Harry Potter.
  • Option 2: Data visualization with Matplotlib — In this session we will focus on making beautiful and nuanced plots using a powerful graphing library within Python. We'll be using a dataset with examples from analysis using the gender of subjects of 180,000 biography articles on Wikipedia
  • Option 3: Self-directed projects — If you have an idea for a project to build or analyze a dataset and you think you can work 70-80% indepedently on it, this is the room for you. Mentors will be around to help you as you get stuck and to give you advice!