Python sprint June

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Contribute to Python

Want to contribute to Python? Please claim a ticket by writing your name next to it and striking through the ticket description:

Practice the tools of open source development

Want to focus on practicing the tools of open source development? Here are some ways to practice:

Complete an OpenHatch training mission:

Add a project of yours to GitHub:

You might also be interested in this video, which has many hands-on exercises including contributing patches to example projects:

Practice Python

Want to focus on practicing Python through a self-contained project? Pick and implement a project from this list of projects:

Diversify has a masthead image with very old and homogeneous photos. This masthead should better represent the diversity of the Python community, for example by including people of different genders, races, and ages.

There are many PyCon photos under permissive licenses on photo-sharing sites like Flickr from which we can source material.

If you want to work on this, please coordinate on IRC so we don't duplicate each other's work!