Recommended Projects

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This page lists projects that we recommend for newcomers. They have open, welcoming communities; good documentation and getting-started guides; and have pre-selected tasks for you to work on.

These projects will not necessarily have someone you can talk to right now but you should hear back from them within a few days after saying hello on IRC, leaving a comment on an issue tracker, submitting a pull request, etc.


Mozilla is a large and vibrant free/open source community best known for their Firefox browser. In addition to Firefox, they also have a variety of other projects including the Bugzilla issue tracker and the Webmaker educational initiative. They participate in newcomer internship programs such as Google Summer of Code and the Outreach Program for Women.



WikiMedia is the community that runs Wikipedia and MediaWiki (the software behind WikiPedia). Another large and welcoming community, they're a great choice for a first community to contribute to. They also participate in GSoC and OPW.



OpenStreetMap is collaboratively building a free map of the world, editable by anyone. Imagine the collaborative editing of Wikipedia, but making a map like Google Maps instead of an encyclopedia. The project has many components and tools using many languages and technologies, both backend and frontend - if you like Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, Java, Javascript, C++, C, Python, or other languages, you can find components to contribute to.


Suggested tasks:


"Oppia is a tool for creating interactive online activities that enable students to learn by doing. Its creators believe that this is often a more effective and efficient way of learning than either watching videos or reading texts, since it allows the student to engage more deeply with the activity in a way that videos or books often do not."

This small community is very welcoming and willing to provide mentorship!



  • You can find good first tasks to work on here.


Growstuff is a community of food gardeners based around an open source platform that helps people learn about growing food, track what they plant and harvest, and swap seeds and produce with other gardeners near them.

This is a small community that is very welcoming and love pair programming.



PeerLibrary is a platform facilitating the global conversation on academic literature. It provides online space for collaborative reading and discussing of academic publications. Development community consists of mostly students.

Platform is build on Meteor (node.js framework). Using CoffeeScipt (dialect of JavaScript) as the main programing language, and MongoDB as database.


A general very helpful and always useful task is just testing the website (best latest development version found in development branch) and give us feedback.

Block Together

Block Together is a tool intended to help cope with harassment and abuse on Twitter. You can use it to auto-block newly created accounts, or share and subscribe to blocklists to reduce the burden of blocking trolls.