Software Freedom Day 2011 Boston/Afterward

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Things to do now that SFD 2011 is over:

Thank speakers


  • DONE Máirín Duffy
  • DONE Shauna
  • DONE jestess
  • DONE Mike Burns
  • DONE Ben Alman
  • DONE Nate Aune
  • DONE Walter Bender
  • DONE Mako
  • DONE Marina


  • DONE Deb
  • DONE jessstess
  • DONE dpic
  • DONE Jeff Mitchell
  • DONE Oliver Day
  • DONE Rob McQueen

Thank volunteers

  • DONE Don
  • DONE Paultag
  • ASKED_DON the new FSF intern
  • DONE Shannon and her sister Scarlet
  • DONE thank Martin for making a poster

Take Don's list of email addresses, and add them to some list


  • DONE_BY_DEB Thank Jane, the primary contact at Cambridge College
  • DONE Thank Aldo, the helpful A/V + IT fellow
  • DONE (via Aldo) Find the person who helped me with wifi and thank him


  • WAITING_ON_LUKE Talk to Luke and brother to find out the status
    • I asked Luke for his brother's email. Waiting on that!


  • DONE Go through camera, and upload good photos to paulproteus's Flickr


  • Pay Deb back for the 'za -- I have a receipt.
    • 41, via PayPal
  • also did you give Shannon money for cups?
    • Yes, in person
  • 22.28 to Martin, who paid to print a poster

Follow-up blog post

  • Figure out what it should contain, loads of pics?
  • Get John Sullivan to cross-post it
  • I think Chrissie is planning on blogging too.

Anything else?

  • ? internal notes for what we though was good and what could go better next time.
  • ask people what they though went well and what could be better.
    • Strategy: Create exit survey. I'll make this during the next 24h.