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== What to expect as a staffer ==
==Laptop Setup==
See [https://openhatch.org/wiki/Open_Source_Comes_to_Campus/UMD/Laptop_setup|the laptop setup page.]
==Open Source Communication Tools==
The slides I use for this talk can be found [asdad | here]. These are modified from a version graciously provided by Jessica McKellar. There are substantial notes in the ODP file which can be viewed by going to the "Notes" tab.
* Slides 1-7 (#7 is titled 'Version Control')
* [[OSCTC_Resources#Version_Control_Demo | Version Control Demo]]
* Slide 8 (#8 is titled 'Sharing changes: diff and patch')
* [[OSCTC_Resources#Diff_and_Patch_Demo | Diff and Patch Demo]]
* Slide 9-10 (#10 is titled 'Issue Trackers')
* [[OSCTC_Resources#Issue_Tracker_Demo | Issue Tracker Demo]]
* Slide 11 (#11 is titled 'IRC')
* * [[OSCTC_Resources#IRC_Demo | IRC Demo]]
* Slide 12-18
=== Version Control Demo ===
Go to the Wikipedia page for the host institution, e.g. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wellesley_College and http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Wellesley_College&action=history. The presenter of this talk will explore the page more thoroughly later.
I also suggest, while you are out of the ODP presentation, showing [https://github.com/bundestag/gesetze the German law Git repository] as an example of version control for things other than code.
=== Diff and Patch Demo ===
=== Issue Tracker Demo ===
=== IRC Demo ===
==Introduction to the Command Line==
--link to website?--
==Introduction to Version Control==
--get text of previous talk--
==Github Demo==
==Ethics and History of Free Software==
==Staying Involved==
* Join our general mailing list.
* Join the alumni mailing list.
* Hang out with us on IRC.
* Training missions?
* Bug list?
* Meetups?
* Programs like GSoC and GNOME outreach.
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