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* [[OSCTC_Resources#IRC_Demo | IRC Demo]]
* Slide 12-18
=== Version Control Demo ===
Information to look for:
-* status
-* priority
-* owner/assigned
-* component/product
-* summary/descriptor
-* tags like "bite size"
=== IRC Demo ===
Log into IRC and join the #openhatch channel.
Forgot to install? Go [https://openhatch.org/wiki/Open_Source_Comes_to_Campus/UMD/Laptop_setup#Goal_.233:_install_an_IRC_client | here].
* how your name is highlighted if someone uses it
* how to do /me
* how to send messages to individual users
* different servers vs different channels (#openhatch on other servers might be empty)
* how to make a new channel, if asked
==Introduction to the Command Line==
Anonymous user
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