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Open Source Comes to Campus/Resources: Difference between revisions

** One more difference is how the version numbers are encoded. In git, the revision number is a checksum of all the important information about the commit: the name and email address of the person who made the change, plus the contents of the files that are part of the commit, plus a timestamp of when the commit was made, plus a few other bits of data. In some systems, the version numbers are just numbers that increase over time. With git, since every person uses their own computer and can make commits whenever they want, the commit IDs can't collide, so they're computed based on the content.
* So, in a nutshell, those are the key notions behind version control, and git. Now's a great time for questions! After the questions, we'll take some time to work through a training mission to give you hands on experience in git and how projects use it.
'''Exercises & Follow up'''
* (Put on projector: https://openhatch.org/missions/git)
* If you finish that, work through this second URL:
** (put on projector: http://try.github.io/ ) but we really encourage you to work through the training mission first.
'''Exercises & Follow up'''
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