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Skillshare intro to Python/Unit 2: Difference between revisions

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* [http://web.mit.edu/jesstess/www/SkillsharePython/Unit1/tip_calculator.py tip_calculator.py]
* [http://web.mit.edu/jesstess/www/SkillsharePython/Unit1/pizza_calculator.py pizza_calculator.py]
== Goal #2: Codecademy practice ==
Let's get some practice thinking like programmers: breaking down problems and solving them in code using the Python tools that we've learned so far.
To help you practice, we've written some custom Python questions for this course using the Codecademy framework. We use Codecademy because you can do the exercises online from any computer, you can easily save your progress and check on old solutions as you go along, and we can give you detailed hints as you work through the problems.
So let's get started! Please:
<li>Create an account on http://codecademy.com</li>
<li>Visit http://www.codecademy.com/courses/50fdd9c0e62630786700135d and complete the 8 exercises in Section 1: <b>Strings and choices</b></li>
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