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=== Volunteer opportunity finder ===
'''Status''': Partly achieved. Parallel bug import alone didn't fix the staleness.
* Bug importing actually, reliably, works. Goal: Fewer than 10% of bugs are stale (>3 days).
=== Buildhelper ===
'''Status''': Partly achieved. Future plans made: use a textarea as the buildhelper editor.
* Some reasonable way to edit/create them, other than adding data to the DB manually
=== Training missions ===
'''Status''': Achieved.
* Training missions are organized into meaningful categories. One suggested grouping: by which curriculum module they might be used in, during an in-person teaching event
=== events.openhatch.org ===
'''Status''': Time zone support achieved, but that's all.
* Event site supports time zones
== Also, some events ==
'''Status''': Success.
* Make Boston Software Freedom Day happen
* Extra: Boston Python Workshop 4 happened.
== Also, publicity ==
'''Status''': List of possibly-interested projects made, but that is all.
* Goal: 10 projects link to the training missions from their documentation
=== Volunteer opportunity finder ===
'''Status''': No progress.
* You can add bug trackers to our import entirely from the web UI.
=== Project pages ===
'''Status''': Bug UI suggestions made for project pages, but that is all.
* People who've clicked "I want to help" can be managed by project managers. There is already a good mockup of this in http://openhatch.org/bugs/issue282
=== Monitoring ===
'''Status''': No progress made.
* We know which pages load slowly, and we publicly graph this
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