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Thursday Sep 16[edit]

DPic and Asheesh discuss the Fedora Design Bounties on IRC

Required reading:

Friday Sep 17[edit]

DPic and Asheesh pick two projects to make similar things for

  1. Amarok -- use the amarok-devel list
  2. PiTiV

Monday Sep 20[edit]

DPic has emailed both projects' mailing lists, indicating he intends to do just that

Wednesday October 6[edit]

DPic has a draft of the inaugural post, explaining what we're up to, and that we're using a category on the OpenHatch blog for this.

Fri October 8[edit]

DPic has a draft of his first Starling Bounty

Monday October 11[edit]

DPic publishes the inaugural post, explaining what we're up to, and we get it Slashdotted.



To advertise the bounty, and the success/failure follow-up blog post:

  • On Planet GNOME (by nekohayo)
  • On Planet Ubuntu (by DPic)
  • On
  • The Python Announce list
  • !Python on
  • !GNOME on
  • Mizmo's blog
  • lh's identitweet
  • (your idea here)

Afterward, it'd be nice to get a follow-up write-up in a few places. Here are ideas for that:

  • An article in GNOME Journal (by Sumana or Will Kahn-Greene)
  • Mizmo's blog
  • (your idea here)