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Thursday Sep 16

DPic and Asheesh discuss the Fedora Design Bounties on IRC

Required reading:

Friday Sep 17

DPic and Asheesh pick two projects to make similar things for

  1. Amarok -- use the amarok-devel list
  2. PiTiV

Monday Sep 20

DPic has emailed both projects' mailing lists, indicating he intends to do just that

Wednesday October 6

DPic has a draft of the inaugural post, explaining what we're up to, and that we're using a category on the OpenHatch blog for this.

Fri October 8

DPic has a draft of his first Starling Bounty

Monday October 11

DPic publishes the inaugural post, explaining what we're up to, and we get it Slashdotted.



To advertise the bounty, and the success/failure follow-up blog post:

  • On Planet GNOME (by nekohayo)
  • On Planet Ubuntu (by DPic)
  • On
  • The Python Announce list
  • !Python on
  • !GNOME on
  • Mizmo's blog
  • lh's identitweet
  • (your idea here)

Afterward, it'd be nice to get a follow-up write-up in a few places. Here are ideas for that:

  • An article in GNOME Journal (by Sumana or Will Kahn-Greene)
  • Mizmo's blog
  • (your idea here)