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Is this dead? I added my project AnkiDroid a few weeks ago but it still doesn't show up on OpenHatch (though another software called Anki shows up).

Re: Issue: #181There is a pseudo-workaround for this bug.While you caonnt do direct inheritance, you can "clone" the Array prototype and get a mostly functional length property.Code:// create your class MyArray = function(){// instantiates the "length" property so that it is non-enumerable this.push.apply(this,[]); // set the length property to 0, otherwise it is effectively undefined this.length=0; return this; }; // create an explicit list of Array prototype properties to "steal" as you caonnt use for/in loop to retrieve var p=['push','concat'];// manually copy the properties from the Array prototype to MyArray prototype for(var x=0; x<p.length; x++){ MyArray.prototype[p[x]]=Array.prototype[p[x]]; } var a=new MyArray(); a.push(1); alert(a.length);// 1// this fails, length property is only updated using the Array native functions a[1]=2; alert(a.length);// 1end codeWhile this has some obvious drawbacks,it does get you a pseudo-subclass that works across all browsers.


On bug bug 193 - onchange does not fire perproly on IE radio buttons and checkboxes:The same problem exists for select items - at least, if the select box is a result of a XMLHTTPRequest. But if you pre-select one item like this ( i replaced the html braces with []:[option selected]Something[/option][option]Something else[/option]IE will fire the event, once you select something else. Kinda logically after you think about it. :DSo that's another workaround so to speak, or a related issue.Nice collection of bugs you got there btw. - and even with solutions. Keep it up!