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The process as I see it:

  • Apr 4: OpenHatch (Danny, Asheesh, others?) write a blog post asking project leads to get involved.
  • April 5 (in the early AM): We reddit/tweet/dent the bejesus out of that blog post.
  • Week of April 4: Project leads email us saying "Wow, I want to get involved in that" We pick the best ones.
  • April 8, or so: We have a nice set of projects involved.
  • April 10, or so: They have all committed to dates+times that work.
  • By April 11: They all email their project email lists so that the newcomers know about the fact that they're running the event.


One a project says they want to be involved, we should:

  • Quietly check that they are a project with more than a small handful of users.
    • (They should be impressive! :-)
  • Read their "application" email, and make sure the person seems sane.


  1. Get the person to commit to a date time and add it to the Build_it page.
  2. Get the person to write an email they will send to the -users and -devel list, and ask nicely if they are okay writing in a piratepad so we can help make it clear and friendly and link to the overall "Build it" series of events.
    • If we were really nice people, we would have a template we could use.
  3. Ask them to come up with a list of places to send the email. The -users list, the -devel list, the project blog? The more places that have prospective contributors, the better.
  4. Get the person to send the email (and otherwise publicize the event).
  5. Join the project's IRC channel, and idle there for a few days before and after their "Build it" event.