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<paulproteus|than> Hey all.
<paulproteus|than> I have been away due to Thanksgiving.
<paulproteus|than> I am kind of sleepy, but I thought I should at least visit the channel for the meeting!
<paulproteus|than> Also I have been slowly adjusting to my new Kinesis keyboard, and things are a bit slow going.
<paulproteus|than> But getting better...
<paulproteus|than> So I promised I'd write minutes for the last meeting.
<paulproteus|than> mllerustad: You going to be around
<paulproteus|than> ?
<paulproteus|than> pythonian4000: psst (-:
<pythonian4000> paulproteus|than, :-) tssp
<paulproteus|than> More importantly my laptop is out for Lenovo thinkpad service
<paulproteus|than> So I couldn't bring it with me.
<paulproteus|than> Teacher salary supplement program, pythonian4000 ?
<paulproteus|than>  (-;
<pythonian4000> Hehe
<paulproteus|than> I am using my Dad's macbook.
<paulproteus|than> I definitely prefer to manage windows with awesome
<pythonian4000> I agrere.
<pythonian4000> Er, I agree
<pythonian4000> .
<pythonian4000> And since there are still five minutes till meeting officially starts, I'm going to go have a shower.
<paulproteus|than> 5 minutes 'til...
<paulproteus|than> bingo
<paulproteus|than> Zathraz: Yo
<paulproteus|than> I noticed in the logs and my email that you've been trying to find me
<paulproteus|than> I'm kind of confused by what you are doing on the map issue; you keep posting things that have to do with geocoding, but as far as i can tell geocoding already works within openhatch
<paulproteus|than> The "than" is short for thanksgiving.
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<paulproteus|roc> ROC for Rochester.
<pythonian4000> Woo, clean =)
<pythonian4000> The room still looks rather empty...
<paulproteus|roc> Just you, me, and world war three.
<paulproteus|roc> I think that was the name of a song on the Mission Impossible soundtrack.
<paulproteus|roc> Given that it is kind of empty still, is it okay if i take a minute and make some coffee?
<pythonian4000> That's fione. I will go shave =)
<pythonian4000> s/fione/fine
<paulproteus|roc> (-:
<mllerustad> paulproteus|roc: Hey, I'm here :)
<TravisB> hey paulproteus|roc!
<paulproteus|roc> Hey!
<paulproteus|roc> Awesome
<paulproteus|roc> And hey TravisB 
<TravisB> (let me ask this real quick before the meeting starts)
<paulproteus|roc> Sweetness.
<paulproteus|roc> Sure, fire away. just got the coffee.
<TravisB> The wiki page: I'm assuming that's malicious?  :)
<paulproteus|roc> eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek i guess so?
<paulproteus|roc> Maybe we should talk about the wiki at this meeting (-;
<TravisB> The guy made a few changes looking real similar to that.  I wanted to check incase that was something you were playing around with.
* paulproteus|roc goes and looks
<paulproteus|roc> Nope, that is terrible and not what I am aiming forl
<paulproteus|roc> s/forl/for./
<TravisB> had a feeling.
<paulproteus|roc> Next week I am going to work with a friend on writing a bayesian spam filter for mediawiki
<paulproteus|roc> But we really should be doing better even before that project releases.
* paulproteus|roc nods and sighs to himse.f
<paulproteus|roc> l and . are close for me.
<pythonian4000> How extensive is the damage? I can see it all over BugTrackers and subpages, but is it anywhere else?
<paulproteus|roc> I think it is not very extensive.
<paulproteus|roc> I wish I could visualize wiki history with gitk and use 'git filter-branch'
<paulproteus|roc> I am a person of many wishes.
<TravisB> I see the user did it to a few pages on the wiki (five? six?) I'm reverting them as we speak.
<paulproteus|roc> <3, travis
<TravisB> Bug trackers/requested has had maybe ten edits all from spambots, xD
<paulproteus|roc> Maybe next release we can try to finalize the web forms for bug tracker addition, outside the wiki
<paulproteus|roc> Then I will feel less bad for doing captcha-on-url-addition, which is something I do on other wikis.
<paulproteus|roc> Okay, so this far I have been bad at making a 
<paulproteus|roc> n agenda for this meeting.
<paulproteus|roc> is what I like to follow.
<paulproteus|roc> I think the objective of this weekly meeting is to greet each other, figure out if we need help on things, discuss our progress on the bugs we are working on, and sanity-check that we can hit the milestone
<paulproteus|roc> And wow, I really love _New adventures in hi fi_ by r.e.m.
<paulproteus|roc> oh, and at the end of it, we will all say what we think we can do this week.
<paulproteus|roc> Sound good to y'all?
<pythonian4000> I think so.
<paulproteus|roc> I think that is the agenda, also, and while I do not know how long it will take, let's aim for being done with that within 40 min.
<paulproteus|roc> Great. Then: Hello!
<paulproteus|roc> Random greeting chatter for me: I am operating slower than usual, and I'm going to be this way for a week more, probably.
<pythonian4000> Howdy!
<paulproteus|roc> I am really happy that jesstess_ submitted a patch for a mission UX bug!
<paulproteus|roc> (and that it was flawless and that we deployed it)
<paulproteus|roc> And I am really happy that TravisB was willing to revert the gross spam.
<TravisB> I'm glad there's some things I can help with ^.^
<mllerustad> Allo, y'all.
<mllerustad> I just got back from Portland!
<TravisB> And hello, everybody.
<paulproteus|roc> If you want to keep helping out in non-tech ways, taking minutes and/or emailing meeting reminders would be clutch.
<paulproteus|roc> Whoa, why Portland?
<paulproteus|roc> That sounds nice.
<paulproteus|roc> Two of my housemates are there right now.
<paulproteus|roc> Oregon, I presu,e
<paulproteus|roc>  er, close enough to "presume"
<mllerustad> Yes. :)
<mllerustad> My dad moved there earlier this month.
<paulproteus|roc> Oh!
<TravisB> I can certainly do that, paulproteus|roc.  I saw some earlier minutes, I'll try to keep to that format.  :)
<mllerustad> Got the grand tour of the Hillsboro Intel campuses, visited Powell's, and so forth.
<paulproteus|roc> Oh, right-o. You could have probably hung out with lhawthorn.
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<mllerustad> Oops.
<paulproteus|roc> TravisB: That would rock my world. One fact about me that I try to repeat as often as possible nowadays is that when people do things that I feel like I have to do, but don't really want to, I feel enormously happier.
<paulproteus|roc> jesstess: again my apologies for not checking the moderation queue.
<jesstess> paulproteus|roc: not a problem at all! :)
<TravisB> paulproteus|roc: Heh. 
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<paulproteus|roc> I just invited my mom to irc
<paulproteus|roc> Hi mom!
<pythonian4000> Hi Asheesh's mom!
<jesstess> Hi mom!
<NBL> Hi
<mllerustad> :)
<paulproteus|roc> Okay, so I think that takes care of saying "hello".
<pythonian4000> Well and truly.
<paulproteus|roc> Next up was... progress on our bugs
<mllerustad> And asking for help, I guess.
<paulproteus|roc> Right-o; making those the same agenda item makes sense to me
* mllerustad nods
<paulproteus|roc> should probably wait until the standardization lands
<paulproteus|roc> NBL: You can read the logs from before you arrived at
<NBL> ok
<paulproteus|roc> By standardization... I guess I mean having a reset button on top of the missions
<mllerustad> Does that have its own bug?
<paulproteus|roc> I think it's the one pythonian4000  is working on; lemme find it
<paulproteus|roc> BTW this is good keyboard practice.
<pythonian4000> Yeah, sorry about my lack of progress on that, and 179 in generall...
<paulproteus|roc> righto
<mllerustad> Hey, it was Thanksgiving.
<mllerustad> I haven't done anything either :{
<mllerustad> erm, :P
<paulproteus|roc> Me either!
<pythonian4000> Been rather busy for the latter part of the week since the builders arrived on Monday to start Earthquake repairs...
<paulproteus|roc> Whoa.
<mllerustad> Oh right, you guys had a big quake!
<paulproteus|roc> mllerustad: pythonian4000 is in .nz, where I think they don't do much for US Thanksgiving.
<paulproteus|roc> (-;
<pythonian4000> Yup, and our house is 600m from the fault line =)
<paulproteus|roc> Whoa!
<pythonian4000> paulproteus|roc, not much ;D
<mllerustad> Sure, I'm just imposing my holidays on the world. It's the American way! :D
<mllerustad> Uf da.
<TravisB> xD
<mllerustad> (re: fault line)
<paulproteus|roc> is the bug that I am supposed to be moving forward on.
<paulproteus|roc> I should probably break it down into each profile importer having its own bug, so that I don't get as scared of it.
<paulproteus|roc> I don't have my laptop, but I can SSH back into my desktop thanks to the joy of IPv6
<mllerustad> paulproteus|roc: How many of them are there?
<paulproteus|roc> So I can still do development from other people's machines easily enough
<paulproteus|roc> mllerustad: lemme check nmow
<pythonian4000> Speaking of not having laptops, I won't be able to attend next week's meeting, and quite likely the week after that, as both weekends are full of me flying.
<paulproteus|roc> Good to know. 
<paulproteus|roc> Ohloh is the big one.
<paulproteus|roc> Then also Launchpad, bitbucket, ... maybe that is all?
<paulproteus|roc> Maybe I can make Launchpad the next one, since it should be pretty easy.
<mllerustad> Sounds good.
<paulproteus|roc> Done; I updated the milestone to reflect this
<pythonian4000> And that will help for the Launchpad bug importer as well.
<paulproteus|roc> Quite true
<paulproteus|roc> I find this one kind of boring/terrifying.
<paulproteus|roc> Really what we need to do is write up a privacy policy, perhaps borrowing from the CC-licensed one at
<paulproteus|roc> TravisB: This is something that also doesn't require programming,
* TravisB bookmarks.
<TravisB> :)
<paulproteus|roc> I can also provide feedback and thoughts on the channel, or in the wiki, or on the devel list
<TravisB> I saw that one earlier today (read: twenty minutes before the meeting) and was thinking about how to go about it.
<paulproteus|roc> Anyone else doing something where they want feedback, or someone else to pick up where you want to stop:
<paulproteus|roc> ?
<paulproteus|roc> I should probably press enter less often if I'm going to be generating so many typos.
<mllerustad> Dude, don't stress about it.
<jesstess> Am I blind, or is there no way to filter tickets by who is in the Nosy list on Roundup?
<NBL> Asheesh's laptop crashed.  He will be back oon.
<NBL> soon
<jesstess> An experiment suggests that in a custom search, "Actor" == "person in nosy list".
<mllerustad> jesstess: Oh, good.
<mllerustad> I'm afraid I don't know any other way.
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<TravisB> [input on roundup registration: It's requiring phone and organization fields.  Is that really necessary?}
<TravisB> Or it said it required them, anyways.
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<paulproteus|roc> Oh, yeah, I was going to write more of the tutorial
<paulproteus|roc> So that was interesting.
<paulproteus|roc>  The Mac went into "Front Row" mode, and would not come out. And then I pressed ctrl command power, which I think asked the Mac to do a memory dump and reboot.
<paulproteus|roc> But I am back now.
<TravisB> Eek.
<paulproteus|roc> I am caught up with the logs(-:
<paulproteus|roc> I am not super stressed about the typos, either, don't worry.
* #openhatch :End of Channel Ban List
<paulproteus|roc> Okay, so I wonder what the heck is up with the PNG that fails to upload as a profile image.
<pythonian4000> I'll try to get 179 done by the end of the week amidst repairs and packing, but after then I won't have a computer for a week and suddenly the deadline will be looming, so in the case that it's not finished this week I would appreciate someone's offer of help =)
<paulproteus|roc> pythonian4000: Sounds good. Can you write precise date we should take it over from you on the bug?
<paulproteus|roc> is the weirdo PNG upload bug I mentioned
<paulproteus|roc> (thanks for chatting with the submitter, jesstess )
<pythonian4000> paulproteus|roc, Your 3rd of December (my 4th) as that's when I leave.
<paulproteus|roc> Ah, cool
<paulproteus|roc> Whoa that is coming faster than I thought, yikes.
<paulproteus|roc> When is the milestone's deadline? I guess today plus two weeks plus maybe a day or two?
<paulproteus|roc> TravisB: re: unneeded registration fields in roundup: I never really thought about it, but if they really are being required for no good reason, do file a bug.
<paulproteus|roc> It is probably an easy fix.
<pythonian4000> And I won't really be able to do much more until the 13th or so, when I get to the UK.
<paulproteus|roc> It would be neat if we published our Roundup git repository, too.
<TravisB> That, and it doesn't seem to be letting me register, either :/  Ends up failing with "you can't register user class"
<paulproteus|roc> mchua_afk had some vaguely similar problem.
<TravisB> But that might be from trying to enter a space in "name" (not login name), so I'll try that in a minute.
<TravisB> "You do not have permission to register the user class." specific line.
<paulproteus|roc> This is of course silly; one day we will have centralized login.
<pythonian4000> paulproteus|roc, the milestone deadline is supposed to be the 13th of Dec.
<pythonian4000> Which is about 2 weeks, yes.
* paulproteus|roc nods.
<paulproteus|roc> I am curious where you read that, since I don't recall where we recorded that fact.
<TravisB> [mentions regression issue on roundup users registering]
<paulproteus|roc> ii  roundup        1.4.15-3       an issue-tracking system
<paulproteus|roc> That's the package we have installed, fwiw.
<TravisB> o.O, that's a lot newer than the issue.
<paulproteus|roc> Yeah, but hypen three is already in Debian
<paulproteus|roc> Updating right now
<paulproteus|roc> Anyone else have any issues they've been working on, or want discussion/help on?
<paulproteus|roc> Oh, wait, hyphen three is what I have installed.
<paulproteus|roc> For some reason I read that we had 1.4.15-1.
* paulproteus|roc wonders.
<paulproteus|roc> It would be pretty cool if someone could try to reproduce on a local setup of the openhatch code.
<paulproteus|roc> Maybe I can try to do that, even though it is not in the milestone.
<paulproteus|roc> Those sorts of user-facing bugs are important to squash, for fear that people start to think we totally suck.
<paulproteus|roc> In that case, should we talk about our plans for the week, then close up the meeting?
<paulproteus|roc> I will give 166 a serious look tonight; hopefully it some issue that I can reproduce locally and do something about.
<paulproteus|roc> I will aim to convert the Launchpad profile import code to Twisted this coming week.
<paulproteus|roc> Oh, and if there a bugs worth pushing out of the milestone, now is a good time to discuss that. I am a little hare-brained today.
<paulproteus|roc> I want to ditch this one -
<paulproteus|roc> Zathraz isn't here to defend it, so I will bring it up with next time I see Zathraz 
<paulproteus|roc> mllerustad or TravisB, any specific goals you're hoping to reach this week?
<paulproteus|roc> while you think I will try to create an account and verify TravisB's inability to sign yup
<paulproteus|roc> up, rather
<mllerustad> At least start the IRC tutorial, though I doubt I'll have the time to complete it.
<TravisB> I'm hoping to at least partially get a document ready for issue 166
<TravisB> *168
<mllerustad> * (this week)
<paulproteus|roc> TravisB: I can reproduce your issue with signing up
<paulproteus|roc> mllerustad: Cool
<paulproteus|roc> And TravisB, good for that, too.
<paulproteus|roc> That'd be really great (-:
<TravisB> that was something that jumped out at me when I first started playing with the code
<TravisB> When I noticed the import of snapshots
<TravisB> I was like "woah, I didn't know that was given out!" :P [I don't have an issue with it, but I think it should be spelled out explicitly]
<paulproteus|roc> Good to know that Zathraz isn't the only person concerned by it.
<pythonian4000> paulproteus|roc, re: deadline, I was a bit confused myself about a mid-month end. I was originally thinking, say, the first weekend after the start of the month, which would be this weekend in this case.
<paulproteus|roc> pythonian4000: but but then we wouldn't have as many cool things to announce! :P
<paulproteus|roc> I think you have a good point; first weekend after the start of the month is a time I like
<paulproteus|roc> jesstess: I'm glad you submitted that patch, and I wanted to get a sense of your interest or if there was anything I could do to make you contribute more? (-:
<pythonian4000> I think it's fine having less this release since we were still getting everything set up.
<paulproteus|roc> I agree in principle. I hate retroactively redefining things, so let's just cut the December one short instead...?
<TravisB> What's to say that "Monthly on the first weekend" can't start next month?
<TravisB> Just since you already had things planned this way.
<paulproteus|roc> That's what I'm thinking.
<pythonian4000> So as for pushing milestones out, how bout we just work as we would this week, and then push everything that's unfinished to the next release. Then we can start properly planning as we will have defined release periods.
<paulproteus|roc> "I'll start the diet tomorrow."
* paulproteus|roc ponders. I am okay either way, and both ways have advantages.
<paulproteus|roc> NBL: Do you have any thoughts? (-:
<jesstess> paulproteus|roc I'm a floater since my free time varies a lot, but I expect I'll keep being on IRC and chatting with bug submitters, and will work up patches when I have time.
<paulproteus|roc> Cool (-: By all means file bugs against existing documentation or in requests for new docs as you bump into things.
<paulproteus|roc> pythonian4000: I think that this milestone was defined to end Dec 13/14, and IK want     
<pythonian4000> Well, if we did push it out to the end of the year, thereby redefining this release as 0.10.12 then we could get more in.
<paulproteus|roc> I want to keep it that way, that is. So let's make the December one short.
<pythonian4000> Right. So have this end 13th and then 0.10.12 be shortened to firsat weekend after new year.
<paulproteus|roc> That's what I'm thinking.
<pythonian4000> s/firsat/first
<paulproteus|roc> Maybe the milestones should actually end the last weekend of *that* month?
<paulproteus|roc> That way there is equality between the milestone number and the release date?
<paulproteus|roc> (This affects 0.10.12 and later)
<TravisB> Not necessarily a big deal, but if there are saturday releases... then won't that cut into meetings?
<paulproteus|roc> It means the December one gets absurdly short, but that is okay with me. (-:
<TravisB> (depending when you release on saturday.  And then it also provides very little time for any user feedback to include into the meeting]
<paulproteus|roc> They'll be Sunday night releases, or Monday first-thing-eastern-time releases, I'm thinking.
<TravisB> ah, alright.
<paulproteus|roc> ...oh, but user feedback during the meeting!
<paulproteus|roc> There's a neat idea!
<TravisB> I was thinking more to bring up the feedback in the meeting
<paulproteus|roc> Ah, okay
<TravisB> If it was released on say, a Friday.
<TravisB> And then "well, I heard this..." (aka, critical bugs in a milestone)
<TravisB> But feedback during the meeting is good too.  :)
<pythonian4000> TravisB, that does make sense.
<paulproteus|roc> I like this idea generally but don't want to derail the meeting nailing down specifics.
<TravisB> so instead of holding an emergency meeting to pad out a crit bug in a release milestone, there'd already be a meeting in attendance.
<TravisB> ehp, good point.
<jesstess> paulproteus|roc issue166 repros on a local instance, yay.
<paulproteus|roc> "Yay"!
<paulproteus|roc> Okay, so I declare this meeting a success, and we can naturally keep chatting. Unless someone want to extend it; you have 10 seconds ...
<pythonian4000> Well, either way we have two suggestions for release times - last monday or last friday of the month?
<pythonian4000> I.e. just after or just before the last meeting of the month?
* paulproteus|roc nods
<pythonian4000> I'm good with with either. And gotta go now. Bye!
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<paulproteus|roc> bd
<TravisB> see you pythonian4000afk 
<paulproteus|roc> </meeting>!
<paulproteus|roc> That was more fun than I expected. (-: