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Here are Asheesh's early thoughts about missions.

Quests / missions

  • Attend a LUG or other programming/open source event
    • post the link?
      • is cheating likely? not really, I think.
    • tell us the location?
  • Compile a program from source
  • file a bug and have it marked as solved
  • Learn how to use IRC


  • need more people
    • who have compiled the project
    • who do specific things, as named by the project
    • who have run the test suite
    • who say something nice to them
    • who write source code documentation
      • Mission idea: Find an uncommented function, and write a block comment for it
    • who write human (user)-oriented documentation
      • Mission idea: Find a typo, and file a bug

Levels / XP (experience points)

  • Training badge for each skill
  • Levels of badges: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond
  • Diamond for
    • importing commits to any project (big or small)
    • someone with a diamond on a project can give you one

A sample mission


  • Find a program or library
  • Download its source code, and
  • Run its test suite.

To earn the points

  • Leave a note here (on the mission) saying which project you've tested, and paste the full output into the box.
  • You can alwa...

People who have completed this mission

  • (picture) Asheesh Laroia (paulproteus)
    • (Banshee logo) Banshee
    • 129 Tests OK (last line of output)

Social missions

  • Release party
  • Blind leading the blind party
  • Join IRC channel and say thanks


  • Project halp requests: Amarok says "We want to create a mission"...
  • Browse missions with tags, rather than via a hierarchy