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This is the list of things I'd like to see in the December 2011 OpenHatch release. Suggestions + edits are quite welcome.

Visible improvements: Website

Write bug importer for

See bug:

Backend clean-ups: Website =

Stop using celery

There are only a few periodic tasks left in the OpenHatch codebase, and they do not need to use celery. Let's remove celery for the moment and simplify our dependencies (and shrink our database).


Training missions: All core bugs fixed

Karen unco

Fix some core known problems related to site uptime j

  • Asheesh says this is "some basic performance improvements to a few sites, and a few Apache tunable parameters, away from being true."
  • This is done!
  • Next month, though, we ought to do load testing to be more sure that the site won't go down all the dang time.

Status: Many core problems are resolved.

Initial implementation of handler for people who've clicked "I want to help"

Right now, when visitors to OpenHatch click a button on a project page indicating they want to help, we add them to a list. We have repeatedly received feedback that project maintainers want the ability to manage this as a queue.

(Recently, we've used the short-hand "IWH handler" to describe this -- "I Want to Help" handler.)

More info:

Owner: Asheesh (but someone else may take it)

Skills needed: Familiarity (or willingness to learn) Django

(Asheesh's note: I'm particularly motivated to see us get this done, so I'll make sure it's on my agenda if no one else takes it.)

Status: Jule grabbed this bug, and submitted a patch for it on 12/4/2011, and it landed!

Add some reasonable antispam to project pages

They get spam. What a drag.

Maybe filter links with the Akismet module.

Status: I did manual spam filtering, which seems to work okay, and documented further possible steps here:

Rate each of the training missions w/r/t Missions Pedagogy

Owner: Karen

Skills needed: Willingness to think carefully about clarity in teaching.

Status: First two missions done; some feedback already handled.

Basically can't live without it: Non-website

P2PU-based "How to join Open Source" class begins

Owner: Asheesh

See: Campus outreach 2011-2012

Status: Put on hold, pending finishing the curriculum.

Three commitments from campuses for dates for "How to join Open Source" class

Owner: Asheesh

See: Campus outreach 2011-2012

Status: No firm commitments yet.

Non-urgent but important: Web tech

Project page reorganization

When you visit a project page within OpenHatch (e.g. ) it is unclear which parts are for new contributors, and which parts are for current maintainers.

In September, we began to discuss some UI changes to improve this.

Owner: ?

Skills needed: Django templates, plus small bits of Python, plus an ability to think critically about web layout.

Status: Not started.

Stop using embedded copy of patch parsing library

As described at, we have a copy of in our source code.

We should move it out so that it is a dependency, and make sure our tests pass.

Status: Not started.

Design a frame that provides context for OpenHatch users who visit bugs on other bug trackers

When you click out of the volunteer opportunity finder onto a bug, the bug tracker can be confusing.

We should make a mockup and discuss it.

More info:

Owner: ?

Skills needed:

  • Willingness to think critically about what information could improve newbies' experience on bug trackers

Status: Not started.

IRC training mission

One essential skill for many people, in terms of participating in open source projects, is being able to chat on IRC. Let's have a training mission for it.

More info:

Owner: Alex Ose said he aims to work on this

Skills needed: Solid understanding of IRC, and willingness to take feedback on the content of the training mission.

Status: Not started.

Buildhelper lets you edit via a textarea

A new, under-publicized feature of the project pages (e.g. ) is the "buildhelper," a set of steps a new contributor would take that sets up a usable build environment.

Read more about the buildhelper here:

Right now, we have a working (and simple) frontend and backend for the buildhelper. However, there is no way to edit a buildhelper document except from the Django admin interface.

I think we should:

  • Write code that converts the models to a text-based representation that looks like MediaWiki markup
  • Provide a textarea that lets people edit this MediaWiki markup
  • On save, render that markup into HTML, and then parse the HTML into buildhelper step objects for the database

Owner: ?

Status: Not started.

Non-urgent but important: Non-web tech

Not-for-profit corporation is created

There is a good chance that, during November, we will create the Massachusetts not-for-profit corporation to house the project. That'd be great. We can then file the IRS paperwork.

Status: "Nearly ready"