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DC hackathon thoughts

State d goals

OpenHatch will, among other tasks:

  • Develop novice-focused curricula that include tutorials for novices
  • Design at least three project-based exercises for novices, based on the model OpenHatch created with its Python and open source workshops
  • Review existing public reference and tutorial material on the topics
  • Update or write relevant instructional documentation on, including writing high-quality setup instructions for a new developer's development environment
  • Find on-the-ground volunteers to help address problems that newcomers will face
  • Disseminate lessons learned to the Wikimedia community

Important links


Further thoughts

Questions to answer:

  • What is our goal for our involvement hackathon's goals?
  • My goals focus on encouraging attendees who are new to these projects to get experiences that lead them to make code and other FLOSS project contributions after the event.

Projects in attendance: [1]

Skills and teachers:

Things to learn about:

  • toolserver access
  • How do people register for the hackathon?
    • seems like they register for the main conference, and check the box for July 09 and 10 as "Developer days"
    • who/how-many have done this?
  • What's the current process for translators


  • Am I / are we responsible for doing any?

Attendance numbers:

  • !!??

WMF Testing event thoughts

My goal:

  • At least 10 people who start the autoconfirmed process
  • At least 20 total attendees
  • Preferably 33%+ attendance by women

Groups to notify:

  • list
    • Done
  • JHU women in CS?
  • Hopefully get a link on the Geek feminism "linkspam" thing
    • Submitted
  • Lydia Pintscher blog post

Other things to do:

  • Add "Important dates+times" to the event page

Berlin hackathon thoughts

  • What is the required knowledge for new contributors?
    • For each such thing, where's the hackathon-official doc for that?
    • Who will be on the ground helping?
  • Where is the list of entry-level tasks for those projects?
  • Who will take the time to talk to people about their background and identify good first bugs?
  • Ensuring that there are high-quality laptop setup instructions, preferably cross-platform, for the tech tools required for these projects, e.g. pywikipediabot
  • Ensuring the schedule has time for laptop setup and that we find on-the-ground volunteers to help address development environment problems newcomers will face.
  • What problems did people face in previous times?
    • Is there a list of past attendees who we can ask an exit survey? A year later is late, but better late than never

Essential links:

  • Signup page: ??