Women and their friends/Asking someone to leave the group

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Hi __NAME__,

As you know, I'm an organizer of the __EVENT_NAME__. I wanted
to let you know that we do not want you at future events, and to explain

Some behaviors I've observed that trouble me are:

I've seen you touch and talk to people as if you have a reasonable
expectation that they touch and talk to you regularly, when they don't.
This makes people (myself included) uncomfortable.

I've spoken with other members of our community, and they've indicated
that you've made remarks or otherwise communicated with them in a way
that makes them feel unsafe.

These behaviors go against our community norms. You've allowed me to
realize that we have no written code of conduct for the workshops, so we
will be working to write up community norms so that there are no
surprises for people in the future. __OTHER_PERSON__ pointed us to
resource for creating event policies.

So again, please understand that we don't want you to attend further
__EVENT_NAME__ events.

I'm not interested in communicating about this further due to the
discomfort I have with the situation. I understand you'll probably have
questions about it, and I can direct you to __OTHER_PERSON__ for follow
up. __OTHER_PERSON__ is an organizer of other similar events and has
offered to help if you have questions about community norms at events
like these.