Boston Python workshop 2/Saturday/Wordplay

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Want to cheat at Scrabble? You are filling out a crossword and need a word that fits the pattern E*G****R. What are your options? How many words have all 5 vowels in order? What's the only common English word that ends in 'mt'? Use Python to answer questions like this instantly while practicing manipulating data from a file and regular expressions.


See the Friday setup instructions.


  • Have fun using Python to cheat at Scrabble and crosswords.
  • Practice using lists and manipulating strings.
  • Get experience with regular expressions.

Suggested exercises

  • Find and print the words that start with "ee".
  • Find and print the words that end in "mt". How about "gry"?
  • Find and print the longest word that has no vowels.
  • Find an print the words that contain 4 or more 'l's.
  • Find and print the words that have all 5 vowels in alphabetical order.
  • Look for other interesting properties of English words in and write code to find the words that have these properties.

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