Calendar events

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This page answers the question, What kinds of events should go on the OpenHatch calendar?

We want to promote events that directly bring new contributors into free software, or teach background needed to participate in free software projects. We only list events that are free-of-cost or reasonably inexpensive to attend. They can be in person or online. It's fine if there is a cap to the maximum number of attendees; when the event fills up, we'd appreciate if you could update the OpenHatch calendar to say so.

To give you ideas, here are a few types of events we like:

To us, there is a grey area where some events teach how to use proprietary software. If those events are free of cost and explicitly about helping users contribute to free software, then they can go on the calendar, too.

We're not particularly interested in events that simply teach how to use free software. To qualify, you have to be teaching skills needed in free software contribution (like community outreach, programming, or graphic design) or directly getting people involved.