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Thanks for attending!

Please help us improve future workshop by filling out this survey.

Plain text version of the form.

Chicago Python Workshop survey

Please answer these questions to help us improve the workshop and give us ideas for future workshops.

Would you recommend this workshop to other people?


Did you feel welcome/comfortable/at home in the workshop?


What made this workshop sound interesting to you?

What programming and computing experience did you have prior to the workshop?

What makes Python an appealing programming language to you?

Do you plan on continuing to learn or use Python? If yes, what are the next steps you plan to take with the language? Did the workshop give you enough resources to decide what to do next?

What topics do you wish were covered in more depth or with more examples in lecture? Do you have any other feedback about the lecture length, structure, or content?

How helpful were the projects in reinforcing concepts from lecture and in getting you excited about Python? What did you like and dislike about them? If we had more projects to choose from, what would you like to try?

For this workshop, we used the materials from the Boston Python Workshop. Do you have suggestions for future materials? Do you have suggestions for different formats? For example, should we have a short lecture or demonstration on Friday?

How helpful were the CodingBat exercises? What do you like and dislike about CodingBat?

What was your favorite part of the workshop?

What topics would you be interested in learning in the future?

   Robots (make something navigate a maze, detect colors, draw circles)
   Raspbery Pi ( )
   Web development
   Scientific computing and data analysis ( )
   Machine learning
   Working with the Chicago data portal ( )
   3D printing (write software to work with a 3D printer)
   Contributing to an open source project like gnome, blender, mediagoblin, django... fill out more ideas in other!
   Contributing to the python programming language

If you have questions about python or programming in general, do you know where to find us?

Do you have any other feedback for us?

Sheila's question: I'm learning how to teach people. Would any of you be willing to tell me what you took notes on? I am wondering how we could make the wiki pages better and if you tell me what you needed to take notes on, it will help me know what would be good for the lecture notes.