Columbus Python Workshop 1/Saturday projects

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Saturday projects

Welcome to the Saturday afternoon projects section of the Boston Python Workshop! After lunch, we'll work on Graphical effects with the ColorWall project. Other projects are available if you're interested in them, for later today, at future project nights, and so forth.

Graphical effects

ColorWall: Program graphical effects for a ColorWall using the Tkinter GUI toolkit. See the ColorWall in action here.


Twitter: Use the Twitter API to write the basic parts of a Twitter client. See what your friends are tweeting, get trending topics, search tweets, and more.


Wordplay: You are filling out a crossword and need a word that fits the pattern E*G****R. What are your options? How many words have all 5 vowels in order? What's the only common English word that ends in 'mt'? Use Python to answer questions like this instantly while practicing manipulating data from a file and regular expressions.

Project instructor outlines

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