Community Data Science Workshops (Fall 2014)/Day 1 projects/wordplay

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Here are our examples:

1) Find all words that start with 'a' and are 9 or more letters long.

2) What is the longest word that starts with a 'q'?

3) Find all words that end with 'nge'

4) You need a word to match the phrase "a**e*y". Are there any words that match?

5) Print *every other* word that matches the condition in (1) above.

6) Find the longest string where no character is used > 1 time.

Now we're going to start finding points! You can use scrabble.scores to get the scores for every letter. But we're going to cheat: assume you have all the letters.

7) What is the most valuable word in the dictionary, and how much is it worth?

8) You want to match a word that starts with an 'a', has an 'e' in the 4th slot, and is no more than 7 characters long. What is the best word you can play?

(*) 9) Make a list that shows the most valuable word that starts with each letter.


a: 37

b: 47

c: 41

d: 36