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We believe that, in technology generally and open source particularly, there are enthusiastic people waiting to get involved. Our events are about finding those people and offering to empower them with technology and tech communities.

We focus on bringing new people into existing communities; we want our outreach efforts to be visible to existing community members, and the communities form a supportive group for newcomers. Our events are tools that communities can use to grow, in size and diversity.

Anyone in the community can make an event that's affiliated with OpenHatch. And there are a few events that we have run ourselves.

The best way to stay in touch about an event, upcoming or past, is to join the Events email list ».

Affiliated events

OpenHatch refers to a movement of free software and programming communities that want to be more welcoming and diverse.

If that's you, we'd love to have you be a part of our community!

Events that are "part of" OpenHatch

Some events are run particularly by OpenHatch the non-profit organization, and our staff. Those we call "part of OpenHatch."

We maintain that distinction so that we (the OpenHatch non-profit organization) can be clear with the community about what we (the org) "take credit" for. Events that are "part of" OpenHatch should also conform to the community norms that all "affiliated" events conform to.

This page documents the outreach events and presentations that are part of OpenHatch.

Outreach events

Ongoing efforts


Past events

Event planning resources

We keep a set of event logistics resources on this wiki. Use them for your events!