GSoC/2011/Project Ideas/Buildhelper

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  • Mentors: Jessica McKellar, Jack Grigg, Asheesh Laroia
  • Title: Buildhelper
  • Technical Details:
  • Further Reading: Buildhelper blog post
  • Skills: HTML, CSS, JS/JQuery, Python, Django
  • Level: [Beginner]
  • Benefits to the Student: Become familiar with building a basic, useful web application in Django. Student will also think about challenges in usefully gathering, organizing, and presenting information, specifically open source software documentation. Ideal for someone transitioning from design to development.
  • Benefits to the Community: Gives project leaders a neat way to create clear, helpful, thorough documentation for getting newly involved with their project. Hopefully, this will reduce barriers to entry for aspiring open source software contributors to get involved in a new project.
  • Comments: