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So, you're thinking about getting involved in OpenHatch as part of Summer of Code? Here's what you need to know:

We wrote some project ideas on this page, separated out into categories. Maybe you're thinking, "I'm new at Summer of Code, and still learning programming, and new to open source. I wish there were a project that wanted me." We want you, so long as you're willing to discuss your work and work with us to become a better programmer.

Our mission is to help people get involved in open source. That could be you! One great thing about working with us is that you'll learn a lot about open source in general because of the kinds of project we are.

If you want to apply, use our Student Application Template!


Some projects are about teaching people how to get involved in open source. Like:

User interface

These projects are about making the OpenHatch site easier to use. You can have a really big impact on the free software world by helping people get involved in other projects, year-round, by making our site better.

Radical new ways to use OpenHatch

In Summer 2010, a student built a totally new feature. If you want to do that, you can do it, too!

To do one of these, you should be familiar with the current site -- we put the onus on you to explain how it would help OpenHatch and the free software community as a whole. We're happy to talk with you to discuss a proposal. The current site maintainers have some ideas for the direction we want the project to go, so if you want to do one of these, you dramatically increase your chance of being accepted if you've talked it through with us.