GSoC/2011/Project Ideas/More Missions

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  • Mentors: Jessica McKellar, Jack Grigg, Asheesh Laroia
  • Title: Design and implement more training missions
  • Technical Details:
  • Further Reading: the existing missions at, write a new training mission
  • Skills: Python, Django, mission-specific knowledge: e.g. subversion for the subversion training mission
  • Level: [Advanced]
  • Benefits to the Student: This is an opportunity to make architectural and design decisions, in addition to implementing them.
  • Benefits to the Community: Learning the development and review tools that are a part of open source contribution can be a daunting barrier to new contributors. These training missions help prepare new contributors and lower the barrier to entry into open source development.
  • Comments: The original training missions were designed and implemented by John Stumpo for GSoC 2010